Custom Optical Interference Filter For Spectral Analysis / Machine Vision

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Place of Origin: Wuhan,China
Brand Name: Wuhan Precision Optical Components Inc
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 pieces
Price: 2-29USD/piece
Packaging Details: 1.Tissue paper. 2.Plastic foam packaging film. 3.Hard carton box with quakeproof filler
Delivery Time: 1-3 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20000 pieces/month
Detail Information
Material: Fused Silca,B270,BK7,etc. Size Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Chamfer: 0.2-0.5mm Surface Quality: 40/20
Surface Flatness: Lambda/4 In 25.4mm Parallelism: 2 Arc Min
Size Range: 2-100mm Usage: Optical System
High Light:

dichroic color filters


bandpass optical filter

Product Description

Optical interference filter introduction

Introduction to Interference Filter

Filter is a kind of optical element which can select the transmission, reflection, cut-off and attenuation of spectral wavelength. According to its function, it can be divided into band-pass filter, long wave pass filter, short wave pass filter, dichroic filter, neutral density filter, notch filter, cold mirror, hot mirror, color filter, etc. These filters are widely used in spectral analysis, biomedicine, machine vision, fluorescence microscopy, industrial automation and other industries and product fields. The band-pass filter selectively allows and blocks the transmission of a certain spectral wavelength within its spectral range; the neutral density filter reduces the luminous flux by reducing the transmittance of the specified spectral wavelength range, which is conducive to the protection of sensors / electronic components, and is widely used in the field of laser optics / optoelectronics; the cold / hot reflector It can reflect and transmit the light with longer wavelength in the spectrum range, which is widely used in the lighting system, which is beneficial to eliminate the heat generated in the lighting system. We not only provide filter standards, but also customize filters according to your needs.

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Central Wavelength

Center Wavelength (CWL), used in defining bandpass filters, describes the midpoint of spectral bandwidth over which the filter transmits. Traditional Coated Optical Filters tend to achieve a maximum transmission near the center wavelength, whereas Hard Coated Optical Filters tend to have a fairly flat transmission profile over the spectral bandwidth.



Bandwidth is a wavelength range used to denote a specific part of the spectrum that passes incident energy through a filter. Bandwidth is also referred to as FWHM.


Full Width-Half Maximum

Full Width-Half Maximum (FWHM) describes the spectral bandwidth over which a bandpass filter will transmit. The upper and lower limit of that bandwidth is defined at the wavelengths where the filter achieves 50% of the maximum transmission. For example, if the maximum transmission of the filter is 90%, the wavelengths at which the filter achieves 45% transmission will define the upper and lower limits of the FWHM. FWHM’s of 10nm or less are considered narrowband and often used for laser clean-up and chemical detection. FWHM’s of 25 – 50nm are often used in machine vision applications; FHWM’s of more than 50nm are considered broadband and typically used in fluorescence microscopy applications.

Blocking Range

Blocking Range is a wavelength interval used to denote a spectral region of energy that is attenuated by the filter. The degree of its blocking is typically specified in terms of optical density.


Optical Density

Optical Density (OD) describes the amount of energy blocked or rejected by a filter. A high optical density value indicates low transmission, and low optical density indicates high transmission. Optical densities of 6 or greater are used for extreme blocking needs such as Raman spectroscopy or fluorescence microscopy. Optical densities of 3.0 – 4.0 are ideal for laser separation and clean-up, machine vision, and chemical detection, while optical densities of 2.0 or less are ideal for color sorting and separating spectral orders.

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Dichroic Filter

A Dichroic Filter is a type of filter used to transmit or reflect light, depending on the wavelength; light of a specific wavelength range is transmitted, while light of a different range is reflected or absorbed. Dichroic filters are commonly used for longpass and shortpass applications.


Cut-On Wavelength

Cut-On Wavelength is a term used to denote the wavelength at which the transmission increases to 50% throughput in a longpass filter. Cut-on wavelength is indicated by λcut-on

Custom Optical Interference Filter For Spectral Analysis / Machine Vision 2

Cut-Off Wavelength

Cut-Off Wavelength is a term used to denote the wavelength at which the transmission decreases to 50% throughput in a shortpass filter. Cut-off wavelength is indicated by λcut-off.

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Partial stock filter list

Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
850nm Narrow band pass filter Φ4.2*1.1 10
Φ4.5*0.55 10
Φ6*2 10
Φ8*0.55 4
Φ8*1.1 4
Φ10.4*1 5
Φ14*1 10
Φ15*1.1 10
Φ17*0.7 14
Φ20*0.55 14
Φ23*1.1 21
Φ25*0.55 14
Φ27*1.2 26
Φ29*1.7 26
Φ34*1 51
Φ37.5*1.2 26
4.5*4.5*0.55 3
6.2*6.2*0.5 3
7*2*1 10
8.2*8.2*0.55 4
8.5*2*1 10
10*10*0.55 5
10*7.5*0.55 8
14*14*1.1 8
14*7*1.1 8
16.9*16.9*1 21
17*17*0.55 21
17.8*17.8*0.55 21
15.5*8*1.1 21
23.5*15.6*1.1 21
27*20*0.6 26
30.5*23*0.6 26
35*2*1 21
37*8.2*0.55 14
57*9*1.8 21
80*14*1 51
86*86*0.55 103
8.2*8.2*1 7
14*14*1 14
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
450nm narrow band pass filter Φ3.5*1 14
Φ5*1.5 10
Φ6.5*1.7 14
Φ8*1.1 17
Φ11.5*1.5 21
Φ15*1.5 21
Φ25*1.5 21
Φ30*1.5 21
Φ35*1.4 48
Φ36*1.5 48
Φ39*1.6 69
Φ45*1 86
Φ50*1.8 103
Φ51*1.5 103
10*5*1.65 17
14*14*1.1 21
14*7.5*1.1 21
14*8.1*1.1 21
16.5*16.5*1.1 21
18*18*1.7 21
19.5*16.8*1.5 21
30*5*1.1 21
38*20*1.1 34
39*23*2.2 48
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
625-665nm band pass filter 4.8*2.6*1 10
6*4.6*1 3
5*5*1.2 10
6.5*6.5*1 3
9*9*1 3
10*10*1 10
6*6*1 3
9*9*1 3
16*16*1.7 14
16.5*16.5*1.1 21
25*14*1.1 21
30*30*1.7 21
Φ6*1 3
Φ8*1 3
Φ12*1.1 12
Φ16*1.1 12
Φ20*1.1 12
Φ24*1 14
Φ25*1.1 14
Φ26*1.1 14
Φ29*1.2 14
Φ30*1.1 14
Φ39*1.1 34
600-750nm band pass filter Φ21.5*2.3mm 21
Φ27.5*2.3mm 21
600-480nm band pass filter 7.65*7.65*0.7mm 14
420nm-620nm&850nm band pass filter Φ8*0.55mm 3
10*10*0.55mm 4
30*30*1.1mm 7
697nm narrow band pass filter Φ20*1.75mm 26
400-950nm band pass filter 40*10*1.1mm 21
820-1100nm band pass filter 40*10*1.6mm 21
970nm narrow bandpass filter Φ19*0.7mm 21
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
520nm narrow bandpass filter Φ14*1.1mm 21
Φ16.5*1.6mm 21
Φ24*1.1mm 21
Φ25*1.7mm 21
Φ30*1.1mm 26
Φ39*1.1mm 71
8*8*1.1mm 18
20*20*1.2mm 21
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
689-725nm bandpass filter Φ39*1.8mm 49
563nm narrow bandpass filter 80*20*1mm 49
680-760 bandpass filter Φ29.5*2.2mm 21
Φ12*1.8mm 18
Φ7*2.3mm 14
80*8.5*1.7mm 26
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
760-850nm bandpass filter Φ8*1.2mm 14
14*14*1.1 21
Item Size(mm) Unit price(USD)
940nm narrow bandpass filter Φ8*0.7mm 7
Φ10*0.55mm 14
Φ12*1.1mm 14
Φ15*1mm 21
Φ22*1.1mm 21
Φ25*1.1mm 26
Φ28*1.1mm 26
Φ36*1.3mm 71
Φ39*1.5mm 71
10*10*0.7mm 7
14*6*0.6mm 18
14*14*0.6mm 21
500-550nm bandpass filter 4.8*2.6*0.7mm 7
6*6*1.1mm 14
8*8*1.65mm 14
11.3*1.6*1.55mm 14
70*20*2.5mm 35
Φ20*2mm 21
Φ27*1.45mm 21
Φ36*2.45mm 26
450-1100nm longpass filter Φ25*1.1mm 21
Φ35*1.3mm 49
420-480nm bandpass filter 6*6*1.7mm 14
18*18*1.6mm 18
Φ30*1.46mm 21
80*39*2.3mm 71
80*10*1.65mm 18
Φ8*1.7mm 14
10*10*2mm 18
Φ12.5*1.5mm 18
Φ35*1.6mm 35



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